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Why choose a board-certified veterinary specialist for your pet?

Your regular veterinarian is excellent when it comes to the routine care of your beloved pet.  In some cases, however, a more comprehensive evaluation and additional testing is helpful in making a diagnosis, determining best treatment options, and clarifying a prognosis.  

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Meadowlark Veterinary Specialists is a referral-only service that works directly with your vet to provide internal medicine support where YOU need it- right in the comfort of your veterinarian's clinic.  Ask your vet if they think your pet would benefit from a specialist's evaluation.  I'll review records, provide advanced imaging and additional diagnostics, and collaborate with your vet in the comfort of YOUR home clinic.  

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If you're interested in reading more about veterinary specialists then visit Vet Specialists, a website designed for pet owners to read about and find veterinary specialists in their area.

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