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How Meadowlark works for you

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Comfort.  Trust.  Loyalty.

Your doctor-client relationship is based on those three things and is why owners will come back to see you throughout their pet's life.  

Understandably, owners are not always comfortable trusting a stranger and this can interfere with your recommendation for referral.

Meadowlark Veterinary Specialists removes that obstacle by bringing the diagnostic services and expertise to your patient where they want it- YOUR clinic!

 Based on available case information, a physical examination, and diagnostic imaging completed by Dr. Peace you will be provided a written report and recommendations to incorporate into your own treatment plan.  Any tests recommended will be submitted by you to the lab of your choice.

Let me collaborate with you to make your owners happy by keeping their pets where they want them to be- in YOUR hands!


What information does Meadowlark need for the history? Please include symptoms, time of onset, any changes in the pet's clinical condition, and reponse to therapy.

How can I share blood work, radiographs, or records with Meadowlark? There are a few ways to share information with Meadowlark: 1. PDF copies of all records and blood work can be attached during the case submission process in Timeless. 2. IDEXX blood work can be shared using the email or collaborate feature on VetConnect Plus. 3. PDFs of records and blood work results can be emailed to:

Where will ultrasounds and procedures be performed? Patients are most relaxed in a quiet and dimly lit room while lying on their side. Troughs are not needed. If additional table space is required I will provide a small collapsible table for the ultrasound machine and other necessary equipment. The following procedures require general anesthesia and will be performed wherever gas anesthesia can be provided: endoscopy, bone marrow biopsy, feeding tube placement, and percutaneous TruCut biopsies.

Do patients require sedation for an ultrasound? The majority of patients will not require sedation for an ultrasound or fine needle aspirates but overly anxious patients may benefit from light sedation. In the interest of staff safety and patient comfort, sedation will be requested for aggressive patients.

Is help from clinic staff required during the visit? Alana, my assistant, will be present for all cases. Additional help is frequently not required but we may need a little help with a nervous or wiggly patient. If general anesthesia is required for a procedure a clinic staff member will monitor and manage anesthesia.

Does Meadowlark send out blood work or samples? The host clinic will send out recommended blood work and cytology samples to the lab of their choice. Endoscopic biopsies will be submitted by Meadowlark to a lab for histopathology services. This cost is included in the price of the endoscopy. Additional samples can be submitted by Meadowlark for an additional fee.

What is required for endoscopic procedures? Meadowlark will bring all necessary equipment to your practice! The host clinic is responsible for planning, administering, and monitoring general anesthesia. The cost for submission of biopsy samples is included in the endoscopy costs. You will receive biopsy results and my recommendations once the results are available.

Dr. Peace is outstanding to work with. She is efficient with her ultrasound skills and great with the patients. She is very helpful with case management and her reports are timely. The clients

love having it done locally and not having to travel or wait weeks to be seen. We love her and highly recommend her service. 

Kristi Rowland, DVM at Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

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