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Cases will be submitted through Timeless Veterinary Systems.  Please contact me to set up your clinic's free account and submit a case today!

First time?  This document will walk you through it.

Service Expectations

Meadowlark Veterinary Specialists will provide a written report of relevant physical exam findings, a description and interpretation of ultrasonographic examinations, a list of additional diagnostic testing options (if needed), and recommendations for treatment.  In order to best accommodate you and your patients, the following will be requested: 


When providing a history please include the time of symptom onset, severity, and response to previous therapy.


An ultrasonographic examination is a valuable tool to evaluate the shape, structure, and size of organs but cannot identify microscopic disease.  Fine needle aspirates are frequently recommended for a more through evaluation of tissue changes.  The most common tissues aspirated are the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, and masses.  Please discuss with your clients the potential need for this procedure and the risks/benefits associated with fine needle aspiration prior to my visit so that the ultrasound and fine needle aspirates can be completed during the same visit.  


Sedation for an ultrasound examination and fine needle aspirates is not required but may be beneficial for some overly anxious patients.  In my experience the vast majority of patients do not need sedation during this examination if it is performed in a calm and quiet manner in a dimly lit room.  In the interest of safety, aggressive patients will need to be sedated.  Some procedures will require sedation and will be discussed prior to the visit. The primary veterinarian will be responsible for sedating patients when needed. 


I will bring my own assistant but depending on the patient size and temperament one of your staff members may be needed to safely restrain the patient during the ultrasound and to manage sedation or anesthesia (when necessary).  In general, this is not expected to exceed 20-30 minutes.

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